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God Has Need of You!

1 Samuel 3:1-19

The call of the prophet Samuel is one of the most well known stories of the old testament. In the stillness of night the Lord comes to a young man, who knew nothing about the prophetic, who was inexperienced, and who in reality still needs instruction as to how to engage with God. For many of us when we are called into the office of the prophet we are confused, afraid and hesitant to even extend a response to the Lord as the prophetic may be unfamiliar.

The truth is no matter how unqualified you are, you feel, or others perceive you to be God called you because he has need of you. He has need of your voice! There is something unique and special about you because God himself has laid his hand on you from birth, and knitted you together with the thread of the prophetic. He poured his oil on you and despite all of who you are, and where you come from, God has need of you!

Our response to the call of the Lord and the activation of the prophetic office should be as Samuel "...Speak Lord your servant is listening." Speak Lord , I will go for you. Speak Lord, I am young but I desire to serve you. Speak Lord, I am old but I can still run for you. Wherever you find yourself in life the call of God cannot be ignored, delayed, or controlled. He is calling you now because he needs you now! The bible tells us in the book of Amos 3:7 " Surely the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secret plan to His servants the prophets."

  • God has need of you because He has anointed the prophetic voice to speak on His behalf.

  • God has need of you because you must point his people back to Him.

  • God has need of you because until He returns to the earth He needs voices that are uncompromising and people that are integral who will speak his eternal will.

  • God has need of you because He is still speaking to his people and how can they hear without a prophet submitted to his will to speak.

You may not understand all of it now but the first step is not understanding, the first step is surrendering, lifting your hands and saying Yes Lord I will go for you!

Let us Pray!

Almighty Father, you are the source of my life and the source of my strength. In you I live and move and have my being. Lord, I come to you to surrender my will to you. I have been running Lord from your perfect will for me, Lord I confess I have been afraid, I have even been frustrated because I made my own plans and being a prophet was not one of them.

Father I need your help, I need your grace; For what you ask of me is hard and I am ill-equipped. But in the midst of my weakness I tell you YES. Yes, I will go! Yes, I will speak for you! Yes, I will point the way for your people! Strengthen me Father with your power and exhibit your glory through my life. I pray that you will increase and I will decrease. Speak Lord, and direct my path. Speak Lord, and break every chain and obstacle that will hinder me from your will. I surrender now, I surrender my will now. Seal me in your blood and help me carry out the functions of this office.

In the Name of Jesus, the name which is above every name I pray, Amen!

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