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 Prophetic Pillars Ministry is a company and network of prophets and prophetic voices operating as “prophetic pillars”- upholding the statutes of the kingdom of God the integrity of the prophetic office, and the various expressions of prophetic ministry

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Pastor Stephan Hernandez

 A native of the island of Trinidad and Tobago, Pastor Stephan Hernandez is a prophet by nature and function. During his tenure in ministry, he has ministered locally and internationally and served in ministry for 20 years. A gifted teacher, singer, and prophet, his ministry is sought after locally and internationally. Led by the Holy Spirit, Pastor Stephan Hernandez released his first book, Ekballo, a book on deliverance. He is a sought-after deliverance and healing ministry and is passionate about seeing all of God's people made whole. Prophet Stephan believes in the power of prayer and devotion. He believes God has given him the apostolic assignment to be a repairer of the breach and builder.

       He is currently the Senior Pastor and Co-Visionary of Prophetic Pillars Ministry Apostolic Center in Rochester New York. Planted in May 2021, where alongside his wife, Prophetess Destiny J.B Hernandez, he pastors a growing local congregation along with a vibrant e-church membership and international reach.

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Prophetess Destiny J.B Hernandez

  Prophetess Destiny J.B. Hernandez is a dynamic preacher, prophet, psalmist, mentor, published author, and state-certified recovery coach. Her books 'The Methodology of Prayer, 7 Prayers of Power, and The Incubator Experience are noted literary works that help believers and non-believers understand how to build a relationship with God through prayer. She has been a sought-after prophetic voice for the past 20 years, from her humble beginnings in youth ministry at the age of 10 until now. She is a gifted preacher and revivalist, often requested by many leaders for prophetic counsel due to her keen insight and compassion. Prophetess Hernandez is a builder! 

         A professional social worker, she marries emotional intelligence practices to ministry and is a pioneer in developing Trauma-informed Ministry at PPM. In 2012, Prophetess Destiny founded and established Prophetic Pillars under the auspices of the Holy Spirit. At that time, PPM was a traveling prophetic ministry geared to upkeep the integrity and respect of the office of the Prophet and provide training and a platform for prophetic voices. As a Berklee College of Music graduate, Prophetess is known for her rich, warm voice and great vocal agility, range, and control.

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